The Bhattacharya Lab for Computational Genomics Computational genetic and molecular epidemiology for cancer and development


We’re an interdisciplinary group of epidemiologists, statisticians, geneticists, and computational biologists with the goal of developing computational tools to study the genetic and molecular epidemiology of cancer risk/outcomes and developmental phenotypes. We value collaboration, creativity, and civility.

Open Postdoctoral Scholar position

We are currently looking for a Postdoctoral Scholar focusing on statistical genomics and molecular epidemiology. Click here to learn more. If interested, email with a cover letter, CV, and information for 2-3 references if interested.

We’re building out our group with enthusiastic scientists who share our interests. For prospective graduate students interested in The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Houston Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, please visit here and apply to the program directly. If you want to join us as a graduate student in GSBS, a postdoctoral researcher, or research scientist/associate, send an email to with a CV and a brief blurb about your research interests and goals!